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Catalytic carbon refrigerator filter

The only catalytic carbon fridge filter in the market built for maximum chloramine and its DBPs removal. Perfect for Samsung DA29-00020B replacement

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Organic contamination checked

When it comes to organic contamination like bacteria, virus or chemical run-offs, you no longer have to test water quality with your body, or blindly count on filter performance, let the Envig instant TOC tester check it for you, at home or in back country.

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Shower like never before

Envig CloraClear chloramine & hydrogen sulfide shower filter is a real size filter that removes the harsh chemical of chloramine and hydrogen sulfide from your tab water that causes dry, itchy and flaky skin, hair loss, and aggravates conditions such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and asthma. It will restore your skin, hair and respiratory health in a new shower experience like never before.

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Do not drink that slime from you reverse osmosis system

The problem with slime, which is known as second degree contamination, originates from lingering trace of bacteria in source water while disinfectant (chlorine and/or chloramine) being removed by your filter system. Contamination can usually occur in the reverse osmosis tank, and nasty bacteria can multiply quickly, leaving you with SLIME! UV-LED faucet and inline purifiers offer you the protection right before consumption.

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No more "chlorine smell" in your water

For many people who have acute sense of smell or taste, a cup of water from tap or even filter system will have that "chlorine smell", more apparent when leaving the cup of water after a while. This is the case when the water filter is not effective enough in removing chlorine, or in many cases, the hard-to-remove chloramine. Our 4C filter cartridge with our signature catalytic carbon will remove any of those chlorine smell, leaving you with a cup of enjoyable water.

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