Envig Instant TOC Water Quality Tester How-To Video Series

 How to install or change the battery


 How to do recalibration (and deal with the error message)

You should do recalibration when:

1) When you first received the tester or in case of bumping or dropping;

2) Doing multiple tests on the same water sample continuously, results fluctuate beyond spec as on the instruction manual (i.e. >0.2 mg/L for TOC or COD);

3) The test results consistently drifting down when continuously doing multiple tests on the same water sample;

Note: slightly shake the tester in the water sample to prevent bubbles on the probe head when doing testing. Bubbles on probe head will result in wildly fluctuating results or no results.


 How to do water testing (and understand the reading difference)


You can check this video to understand what is in TOC.

A small test to show why TOC can be a much better water quality indicator