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Envig CloraClear Chloramine & Hydrogen Sulfide Shower Filter

Envig CloraClear chloramine shower filter removes the harsh chemical of chloramine and hydrogen sulfide from your tab water that causes dry, itchy and flaky skin, hair loss, and aggravates conditions such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, asthma-like respiratory symptoms. It will restore your skin, hair and respiratory health in a new shower experience like never before.

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Premium Filtration, Proven Results

What filter media should be used for chloramine removal?

Chloramine is much more stable than chlorine and thus much harder to be removed from water. Vitamin C filter does not lower it (total chlorine) at all in field test. Hydrogen sulfide needs to be removed by oxidation. Catalytic carbon is much more effective at filtering chloramine and hydrogen sulfide than regular activated carbon, and has been the media of choice by professionals.

How to determine the removal capability of a filter?

Catalytic carbon is specially manufactured to enhance its catalytic property, which indicates the speed of chemical and oxidation reaction that decompose chloramine and hydrogen sulfide. Higher catalytic property means better and faster capability in chloramine and hydrogen sulfide removal, especially needed at the flow rate of a shower.

How is the Envig CloraClear filter different?

Our filter is tested to have 10 times more catalytic property than regular activated carbon. In field test, it has shown to reduce chloramine up to 80% when the flow rate doubles the average shower flow rate and the total chlorine (chloramine) is over 5 PPM. The PP sediment shell removes rust and other particles from source water and shower pipe common to water with chloramine or hydrogen sulfide.

Your greatest exposure to chloramine and hydrogen sulfide in tap water is through bathing and showering

Chloraminated tap water can strip off natural oils from your skin, causing it dry, itchy and flaky for most people. For people who are allergic to chloramine, it can cause severe skin reaction including rash, welting, blistering, chapping, cracking, burning, pigmentation, and even bleeding. It can trigger and aggravate skin barrier dysfunction (eczema/atopic dermatitis/psoriasis) in infants and adults alike. Regular exposure to chloramine can make your hair dry, brittle, porous, and split in ends. It can result in an itchy and irritated scalp, worsening of dandruff, and loss of hair. Chloramine can vaporize out of shower water, cause respiratory irritation, and increase risk of respiratory issue (asthma) over time, especially for infants and kids. Hydrogen sulfide gives a distinctive odor of rotten egg. Exposure to hydrogen sulfide may cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory system.

Collection of researches and testimonies on health risk of chloramine

  • Size Matters

    Not only is the filter material more effective, but our shower filter packs with 2X to 4.6X more filter material compared to competition. This will give you the best filtration results and the duration you expect. You can use it for up to 500 showers or six months depending on your water condition, use and chloramine/chlorine sensitivity, averaging less than 10 cents per shower. Measure the installation space with the size of the filter before you purchase.

  • Effective Filtration

    Not only does our catalytic carbon works powerfully in removing chloramine and hydrogen sulfide, the PP sediment shell blocks rust and other particles from your shower pipe and source water common to such water. You will be surprised how much it removes and how soon. You are now free from health risks caused by such particles.Note: Particle build-up on PP shell does not usually lower chloramine or hydrogen sulfide removal capability.

  • 4.5 GPM Fast Flow

    Our proprietary design of the sintered PP sediment shell and the granularity of the carbon media is for optimal water passage and filtration effects. We purposefully test and select the general filter housing due to the high flow rate it gives. The large surface area of the flow pattern minimizes any reduction in flow rate. Note: heavy rust sediment build-up may lower flow rate. Note: This filter can't soften hard water and should not be used directly in very hard water (>180 ppm CaCO3 or >500 ppm TDS) which can clog this filter. (Check the water quality report of your city if city water is used. Some cities have treatment for water hardness.)

  • Wall Fixed

  • Handheld

  • Dual

  • Rated Capacity

    8,500 gallons

  • Working Pressure

    20 - 60 PSI

  • Maximum Flow

    4.5 GPM

  • Product Measurement

    4 1/2" x 12 1/4"