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Envig Whole House Chloramine Water Filter

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The Envig whole house chloramine water filter is perfect for home owners, RV users, breweries, aquarium, and professional hydroponics/garden growers who are concerned about using chloraminated water. It is specially formulated for chloramine removal, an increasingly popular but hard to remove disinfectant in municipal water supplies. The catalytic property of its carbon media is up to 10 times higher than regular activated carbon, allowing it to remove chloramine and chlorine more effectively at a fraction of time, a requirement at the garden hose flow rate. Connect it easily to any standard 3/4" garden hose thread with the included adaptors. Use it  where large volume of water usage per day is required.


Specially Formulated Catalytic Carbon

Chloramine is much harder to be removed and regular activated carbon does little in its removal. The catalytic carbon in this filter has catalytic property up to 10 times higher than other activated carbon, allowing chloramine and chlorine to be removed up to 80% at a typical garden hose flow rate, while preserving beneficial minerals.

Portable and Durable

With no electricity required and weighted in less than 15 pounds and 17 inches tall, this filter can be hand carried to and placed in any area where filtration is needed for thousands of gallon per day and permanent setup is not an option or necessary. Its fiber glass casing is able to endure most demanding environment. Backwash conveniently by reverting the connection. 

Best Cost-per-gallon Filtration

Perfect for water usage up to a quarter million gallons of capacity, this filter keep the filtration cost as low as a few cents per one hundred gallon of water. It is the best investment for users who are looking for large capacity and value.



Filter capacity: up to 0.25M Gallons

Water pressure: 40-100 PSI

Flow rate: 2.5 GPM

Connection: 3/4" inch female (one ¾” male to male adaptor will be provided) Operating Temperature: 35° – 100° F


What's included

8"x17" tank with distributor
catalytic carbon filter media

one ¾” male to male nipple