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Envig CarShine Deionized Spotless Car Wash System with Bypass Valve & Color Changing DI Resin

Envig CarShine Deionized Spot-Free Car Rinse System with Bypass Valve will give your vehicles, boats, or appliances its deserved shine without limescale stain, while the bypass valve can be used for different water uses and wash needs. The system can produce up to hundreds of gallons of TDS free water depending on your water quality. The color changing resin will leave you with no chance of mistake in knowing when to make a replacement.

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Let your vehicle shine with TDS free water

Calcium and magnesium ions in hard water crystallize into hard-to-remove calcite stains that become noticeable especially on shining surface like a new vehicle, which can't be removed with towel. In DI system, all ions (TDS) are exchanged, leaving the water with pure H2O. No more worry about stain. And better enough, you don't even need to towel dry your vehicle. The resin will change color from blue to amber when exhausted, leaving no chance of mistake in knowing when to make a replacement.

* No need to towel dry after wash

* Three cartridge for faster flow and longer life

* Color changing DI resin to know exactly when to make replacement

* Each system will remove at least about 45 gram of magnesium or 72 gram of calcium (check how many DI water it can produce below)

* Properly regulated for maximum TDS removal

Use bypass valve for different water type

With the integrated bypass valve, you don’t need to make changes in water source or have two different set-ups during vehicle wash. Simply turn the handle for bypass mode or filtered mode. In bypass mode, water flow uninterruptedly for the powerful jet to wet, remove dirt, or wash off soap. In filtered mode, rinse your vehicle as the last step. The custom bypass valve is built with durable solid brass ball valve with swivel garden hose connector.

Properly regulated for your wash tool and resin life

The flow rate of the DI water is regulated at 2.1 GPM, a level purposefully chosen to maximize resin life and allow you to use pressure washer or nozzle sprayer of your choice, while maintaining zero PPM. It is an optimal balance that you would appreciate in avoiding common design flaws. We have always kept regulated flow in all of our CarShine systems.

Change color when it’s time to replace

Color-changing indicates when to replace your resin bed. When exhausted, Envig DI blue resin changes to amber, leaving out the guesswork of when to replace the resin to ensure your vehicle is always shining spot free.

  • Wet

    In bypass mode (bypass valve handle pointing to the bypass loop), wet vehicle with tap water.

  • Clean

    In bypass mode (bypass valve handle pointing to the bypass loop), soap wash and clean vehicle with tap water.

  • Rinse

    In filtered mode (bypass valve handle pointing away from the bypass loop), spray vehicle with spot free DI filtered water

  • Swivel garden hose connector

    Swivel garden hose connector is integrated with the solid brass bypass ball valve for use convenience, product durability and leak proof.

  • Tuck-away bypass loop

    Cleaner design with rust proof stainless steel parts. You know it is working for you but you don't need to look at it all the time.

  • Easily grab and move around

    With handle in the bracket, you can move the system around easily, in the meantime, mount the system as usual if needed.

  • Larger flow in wider diameter

    Upgraded premium all stainless steel braided hose with wide diameter for larger and faster flow through the bypass loop.

How much DI water can CarShine produce before the need of resin replacement

Each system can remove at least about 45 gram of magnesium or 72 gram of calcium. TDS is expressed as ppm or mg/L. Assuming you have only magnesium or calcium in your water, the amount of DI water in gallon can be produced is between 45000/(your TDS number)/3.785 (for magnesium) to 72000/(your TDS number)/3.785 (for calcium). Below are theoretical minimum DI water production capacities. In reality, some users have seen capacity higher than this.

TDS (magnesium or calcium only)--------------------minimum DI water production (gal)

50---------------------------------------------------------236 - 380

200---------------------------------------------------------59 - 95

500---------------------------------------------------------24 - 38

1000--------------------------------------------------------12 - 19

2000---------------------------------------------------------6 - 9.5

Summary of Youtube Unbiased Review (Cars With Keav )

Envig CarShine CS-3 Envig CarShine CS-817* Maxwater Waterdrop CR Spotless DIC-20
Key Performance (* Calculated with assumptions)
TDS of water (Keav's county water supply) 50-60 50-60 50-60 50-60 50-60
0 PPM Capacity (Gallon) 250 1000 150 * 300 700
Testing Flow Rate (GPM) 2.1 2.4 (not mentioned) 1.9 (not mentioned)
Max Flow Rate While Keeping 0 PPM (GPM) * 2.1 8.4 1.3 2.5 5.9
Financial Consideration (* Calculated with assumptions)
List Price (System) 179.99 499.99 128.95 339.99 439
Replacement Filter/Resin Price (whole system) 50.97 149 59.95 44.99 139
System Price per 0 PPM Gallon of Water ($/Gallon) 0.72 0.50 0.86 * 1.13 0.63
Replacement Filter/Resin Price per 0 PPM Gallon of Water ($/Gallon) 0.20 0.15 0.40 * 0.15 0.20
Additional Consideration
Integrated Bypass Y Y N Y N
Color Changing Resin / Integrated TDS Meter Y Y N N Y
Flow Restrictor to Preserve Resin Life and Maintain Proper Water Flow Y Y N N N
Adequate Flow Rate for Car Wash Tools (Pressure Washer etc.) Y Y N Y Y
Flow Direction Change Y N Y N N
Youtube Video Number
Youtube Video Number v=De3Mx3-_5AQ&t=12s (calculated based on CS-3) v=qy0q6pZvD0Q v=SbBFH07FBcg v=cvYIPHeA84A&t=244s

Add an Envig chloramine garden filter to extend the life your DI resin

Chloramine and chlorine are chemicals for city water disinfection. They are known to shorten the life of DI resin. Chloramine is a hard to remove chemical. Regular activated carbon does little in its removal especially at water flow of a garden hose. Envig catalytic carbon has 10 times more chloramine removal capability and can reduce chloramine from your city tap water up to 80% (chlorine is much easier and can be easily removed by the filter). It has been used to extend the life of DI resin in the car wash unit and other products that use DI resin.

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