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Envig Catalytic Carbon KDF55 Inline Garden Hose Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

Use Envig garden hose filter as a pre-filter for a variety of water needs where chloramine can pose potential risks.

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Powerful filtration for your convenience

Why do you need a garden hose filter?

A garden hose filter is easy to connect. It works perfectly as a pre-filter for a variety of water needs where chloramine can pose potential risks. It will remove chloramine that your RO filter will not remove for your aquarium. It can extent the life of your DI filter. It can restore splash fun and swimming pool enjoyment for people who are sensitive to chloramine. For hydroponic growers and organic gardeners who count on beneficial soil organisms from manure, compost tea and other organic fertilizers to work wonders in their gardens, it can provide protection against the damage chlorine or chloramine does on microorganisms and soil biology, and the resulting reduction in fertilizer effectiveness and garden production.

How to determine the removal capability of a filter?

Chloramine is much more stable than chlorine and thus much harder to be removed from water. Majority of the major cities in the US have chloramine in their water supply. At garden hose flow rate, regular activated carbon does very little in the removal of chloramine, even its capability to remove chlorine is significantly discounted. Catalytic property is the major indicator of removal capability.

How is our filter different?

Catalytic carbon is specially manufactured to enhance its catalytic property. Higher catalytic property means better capability in both chloramine and chlorine removal. Our filter is tested to have 10 times more catalytic property than regular activated carbon. KDF-55 is added to further remove chlorine and heavy metal, and to extend filter life.

  • Effective Filtration

    The filter reduces soil harmful elements such as chloramine and chlorine up to 80% in field test (parameters larger than specifications), while preserving necessary elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, thus promoting the healthy growth of plants.

  • Large Capacity

    At 8500 gallon capacity, you can easily use it for the entire summer season, depending on local water quality and your gardening needs. KDF55 will extend the filter life by removing hard metal and chlorine.

  • Easy Connection

    The anti-kink flexible hose protector can prevent the water pipe joint from twisting and make water flow smoother, resulting in a better filtration experience. It can also prevent the water pipe joint from being damaged and improve the service life of the filter.

  • DI Resin Protection

    Extend the life of your DI resin by removing the major depletion risk caused by chloramien or chlorine in your city water.

  • Perfect RO Buddy

    Remove chloramine that your RO system can't remove, especially when the chemical can create costly damages.

  • Hydroponics

    Increase your yield and harvest when you feed you plants with what they are happy with when it is chemical free.

  • Outdoor Splash Fun

    Get rid of the chloramine smell and free your hair, skin and breath from the chemical damage triggered by chloramine.

  • Rated Capacity

    8,500 Gallon

  • Maximum Flow Rate

    4.5 GPM

  • Working Pressure

    20 - 100 PSI

  • Operating Temperature

    35°- 100° F