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Replacement RO membrane filter for Envig 400GPD RO system

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  • [Effective filtration]: Our Pro RO filter is built with high quality RO membrane from our Japanese supplier which provides filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micron, and removes impurities like heavy metals, chemicals, and radionuclide. Together with the CPBA filter, it forms a double-core filtering system that removes hundreds of heavy metals, chemicals, radionuclide up to 99%.
  • [Clean water]: Enjoy clean and pure water for you and your loved ones! No more worries about the water quality in your area. With the high filtration accuracy of the Envig system, you can enjoy clean, great tasting and most importantly safe water at home.
  • [Easy to replace]: It takes only 3 seconds to replace the CBPA filter! No more need for professional assistance. Save money and time with an easy-to-install CBPA filter. Just twist and click! It is that easy!
  • [Long service life]: Unlike other filters that have a short service life, the CBPA filter works efficiently for up to one year! The top quality of both CBPA and RO filter makes Envig RO system durable and reliable.
  • [Invigorating water for better life]: With our innovative technology of the RO system, we aim to provide you with only the best invigorating water solutions and top of the line customer support services. Contact us with any issues you might have.