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Pack of 4 Water Float Automatic Shut Off Valve

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Brand new plastic float valve to automatically start and stop water flow. The float is adjustable to allow you to control the height when the water flow will shut off. The entire assembly made from plastic and the adjustment screw is stainless steel making it great for use with ultra pure reverse osmosis or DI drinking water systems, humidifiers, hydroponics, fish ponds, salt or fresh water aquariums and many more applications.

The water inlet accepts 1/4" OD plastic tubing can fit many different installation needs.

Drill a 9/16" inch diameter hole and the included bulkhead fitting with o-ring and nut can be mounted through a flat surface as thin as a sheet of paper or up to an 1/4" of an inch thick.

Overall it measures approximately 1-3/4" inches wide and 6" inches long, the portion that mounts inside the tank is approximately 4-1/2" inches long.

  • Accepts 1/4" Inch OD Plastic Drinking Water Tubing
  • Float Portion Measures 4-1/2" Inches Long, 1-3/4" Inches Wide
  • Mounts Into 1/4" Maximum Tank Thickness 
  • Push To Connect Type Fitting For Water Inlet
  • Requires 9/16" Diameter Round Hole Into Tank