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Envig Ultraviolet UVC-LED 1140GPD (0.79GPM) Inline Water Purifier - Perfect for 1000GPD RO System

Envig UVC LED inline purifier can be used independently, or along with most under sink reverse osmosis (RO) or other water filters, adding an extra layer of protection to your drinking or kitchen water.

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Long lasting powerful protection against bacteria contamination

Protection against all sources of bacteria contamination

Bacteria contamination can come from your source water or your water filter systems. It is known that bacteria can grow quickly in a RO tank or an activated carbon filter. The first degree or second degree bacteria contamination poses risks to your health. This UVC LED inline purifier works indepently or with your under sink reverse osmosis (RO) or other water filter systems through quick connections. It adds an extra layer of protection effectively up to 2.1GPM (model based).

Powerful disinfection

Powerful UV LED diodes made by leading US brand are integrated into the faucet. The 265nm wavelength is tested to kill bacteria like E. Coli at four logs of efficacy. The RGB indicator/ring at the top of the purifier gives you the peace of mind to know the status of disinfection.

Long lasting usage

With the assumption of three to four gallons of drinking water a day for a family of four, the rated disinfection water volume of tens of thousands gallons will last you many years to come thanks to the smart flow control technology. There is no consumables and no need of light replacement. The cost of a few cents a day for clear, bateria free drinking water is an easy investment.

  • Fast Flow

    Quest your thirst with no delay at up to 2.1GPM flow rate (model dependents). Works perfectly with your existing RO or other water filtration systems, or independently.

  • Smart Flow Switch

    Smart flow switch delivers long lasting usage while preserving energy. The water cooling mechanism prevents any UV LED overheat.

  • RGB Inficator

    The RGB indicator/ring at the top of the purifier will give you the peace of mind about the working status of the disinfection.

  • Water filter systems

    Work with your undersink RO or other water filter systems, or independently.

  • Refridgerator water line

    Add the purifier to your fridge water line for additional protection.

  • Kitchen water (2.11 GPM model)

    Disinfect your water that touches your food. A must have for boil water guidance.

  • UVC Intensity


  • UV Wavelength


  • Rated Disinfection Water Volume

    144,000L/38,040G - 576,000L/152,100G

  • Flow Rate

    0.53GPM/760GPD - 2.11GPM/3,040GPD

  • Operating Temperature


  • Max Water Pressure

    145 PSI

  • Rated Power

    6W - 10W

  • Input Voltage

    16V - 24V DC

  • Standby Power


  • Connection

    3/8" push-in quick connect (1/4" to 3/8" adapters provided) or G1/2" (stainless steel braided hose and 1/2" to 3/8" compression fitting adaptors provided)

What's included

UVC inline purifier x 1

Power adapter x 1

Non-trace bracket mount sticker x 1

Mounting bracket x 1

Mounting screw x 2

Quick connect adapters (model based)

Instruction manual x 1 (soft copy in some cases)

Stainless steel braided hose x 1 (model based)

1/2" to 3/8" compression fitting adaptors (model based)