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Envig CloraClear Chloramine Shower Filter Replacement Filter Cartridge

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Replacement filter cartridge for Envig CloraClear chloramine shower filter.

  • PREMIUM CHLORAMINE SHOWER FILTER – Chloramine is a harsh chemical that causes dry, itchy and flaky skin. It causes hair loss, and aggravates conditions such as dandruff, eczema and psoriasis. Envig CloraClear shower filter removes chloramine by using premium catalytic carbon that is 10 times more effective in chloramine removal. The PP sediment shell removes rust and large particles from pipe erosion that may be caused by the acidic nature of chloramine.
  • PROVEN FILTRATRION RESULTS – Envig CloraClear filter delivers supreme results. In field test, it has shown to reduce chloramine up to 80% when the flow rate is at 8 GPM (double the average shower flow rate) and the total chlorine (chloramine) is over 5 PPM. We don’t do a dozen of “stages” that has no proven effects, we focus on the main concern and do it well.
  • SKIN AND HAIR HEALTH PROTECTION - By removing the greatest exposure to chloramine in tap water, you will have less dry and itchy skin, less hair loss or split end, and many of the chloramine irritated skin and hair symptoms like dandruff, eczema or psoriasis will be alleviated or controlled.
  • MORE MATERIAL, BETTER FILTRATION – Not only is the filter material more effective, but our shower filter packs with 2.0X to 4.6X more filter material compared to competition. It means better filtration and long lasting results. You can use it for at least 500 showers, averaging less than 5 cents per shower.
  • HIGH FLOW RATE OF 4.5 GPM – While we pack more material in each filter, our proprietary design of the filter cartridge makes no sacrifice to the flow rate. More filtration area is made available so more water can be filtered at the same time. And the sintered PP sediment shell and the granularity of the carbon media are optimized for water passage and filtration effects.

Rated capacity: 8,500 gallons
Working pressure: 20 - 60 PSI
Maximum flow rate: 4.5 GPM
Operating temperature: 40° - 100° F

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Diego Valdivia

Envig CloraClear Chloramine Shower Filter Replacement Filter Cartridge