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Envig 400G Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

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Effective filtration for your health

The composite CBPA filter integrates both a sediment PP filter and a high quality coconut shell activated carbon block filter. The PP filter removes large particles like sediment, dirt, and rust. The carbon block filter removes chlorine, fluoride, organic chemicals and adds taste to your water. At the highest commercially available filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micrometer, the RO membrane removes hundreds of heavy metals, chemicals, radionuclide up to 99%.

Space-saving tankless design

The tankless design eliminates the need of a traditional tank which will give you freshly filtered water the moment you drink it. It also saves over 70% of your under-sink storage space. The integrated water circuit helps to prevent leakage and gives better efficiency. The padded foots of the system work like shock absorption to help reduce noise to unnoticeable level with closed cabinet door.

400GPD instant flow

The integrated pump pushes water through our efficient filters, and gives you instant and fast flow of 400GPD, or a full glass of filtered water in about 12 seconds. Use it for soup, noodle, rice, pasta, and other daily cooking needs to protect all of your water intake.

23% cost saving

Save at least 23% on total cost of ownership including first time purchase, filter price and change frequency, pure to drain ratio and electricity. The CBPA filter lasts up to 12 months and the RO filter 24 months depending on the water quality. The automatic flushing of the RO membrane helps to extend its life to the upmost. At 1.5:1 pure to drain ratio, the system can save up to five times of drain water, while being powered efficiently at 65 watts when filtering.

Easy installation and maintenance

You get all the parts you need to get the system up and running in 30 minutes (a power outlet and countertop faucet hole are needed for system installation). The indicator at the front panel lets you know the working status and the alarming buzz will notify you when it is time to change a filter. With the front load, twist and pull filter change mechanism, you can easily change a filter in a few minutes, without the need to mess around the under sink space.


Type: Reverse Osmosis
Use: Under Sink
Power Source: Electric
Power (W): 65
Color: White Size: 368*135*376mm
Filter Accuracy: 0.0001um
Filter: Compound filter+ RO membrane
Inflow Pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa
Water Purifier Flow: 400GDP
Suitable Water Temperature: 5-40 °C Included

What's Included

Filter system housing x 1
CBPA filter x 1
RO filter x 1
Drinking water faucet x 1 (including installation accessories)
1/4" drain saddle x 1
1/2" to 1/4" feed water adapter x 1
1/2" to 3/8" adapter (for feed water adapter)
Power adapter x 1
Teflon tape x 1
Quick connector fitting x 1
1/4" PE tubing
Lock clip x 5