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3/8" Auto Water Shut Off Valve Leak Protector for RO Water Filter System

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The Leak Protector is more than just a leak detector. When it detects that there is a leak, the easily replaceable adsorbent pad in the leak protector expands to close the valve. This shuts off the water flow and stops the leak. It can be fitted with a variety of elbow fittings (sold seperately) through a 3/8" quick connector for different types of connection (1/4" or 3/8" quick connection, for example)

Must-have add-on for use with under counter reverse osmosis and drinking systems

Detects Leaks Shuts off flow in the event a leak should occur protecting your equipment.

Easy Installation Peel off glue stick to easily install the protector. The absorbent pad is easily replaceable (compared to other model where it is within the body of the valve).

Novel and Effective Technology. When a leak occurs, the adsorbent applicator “tablet” expands to close the valve and shut off the incoming water supply.

Cost-Effective Investment. You can ensure that you will not suffer from expensive property property due to a leak.

What's included

1 x leak protector valve
2 x adsorbent pads

Note: Quick connect elbow fitting is not included.