Review for Future

Give us your review, good or bad, through where you bought our product from, we will make a donation under your name to a non-profit organization that promotes kids activities that you designate, up to $10. In this way, we are building a better future together. Here are the details:

1) Provide your review plan before you submit your review on the form below;

2) We will use the form to match the upcoming review;

3) If matched, we will make a donation to the organization you designate and provide you with the screenshot other verification information.



1) We make donation of 10% of the product purchase price up to $10 for each purchase;

2) You should fill out the form before your review submission. Any historical review would not count;

3) Provide all the details required on the form so that we can validate and connect a review with your input, and be able to validate the organization and make a donation.

4) Only non-profit organization for kids programs are qualified for donation.

5) We will make a donation within a week after validation.

6) No requirement on the review and rating (we surely hope you give us a chance if you are not happy, but we respect your opinion and true feeling).

7) Donation will be made under your name followed by Envig Review for Future.